Revolutionize flavor and fragrance Design


 The sensation produced by a mixture of odor chemicals is very difficult to predict.  By identifying the odor receptor proteins that produce a specific sensation, the Odorcept assay provides knowledge that can transform the design of flavors and fragrances into a more logical and efficient process. 

The Odorcept Assay makes it possible to identify the odor receptor proteins that respond to any fragrance, flavor or odor by screening all receptors in a single in vivo assay.  The patterns of responsive receptors and the  Molecular interactions between odor molecules detected at the receptors inform the formulation of new fragrances and flavors, as well as the development of odor blockers or other modifiers of odor sensations.


Receptor Responses
The Odorcept assay determines the pattern of odor receptors that respond to any odor, be it a single species of odor molecule or a complex odor.  This information reveals how each fragrance works, identifying not only which odor receptor proteins respond, but also determining which odor molecules interact.
Identifying Odor Modifiers
Odor modifiers alter the responses of odor receptors. The Odorcept Assay is able to measure these effects and thereby identify specific blockers or other modifiers of the receptors responsible for the sensation of an odor.
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